David Switzer & Jonathan Echavarria

The Trap House: Making your house as paranoid as you are

Home automation and IoT is all the rage, but once you have your thermostat automated, what is next? How can you leverage your automated home for active defense and gain some situational awareness, both inside and out? Much research has been done on the security of IoT devices, and this talk looks into how to use IoT (and possibly their insecurities) for your home security, while keeping costs down.


David Switzer is a red team operator who has 20+ years of experience in systems and network security. Some alphabet Soup: GSE #136, G[cia|cih|awn|sec|stuff]), OSCE, CISSP and ITILv3 (I keep it gangsta). His obsessions/amusements include RF, wireless networks, hardware hacking, and other expensive time sinks.

Jonathan Echavarria has over half a decade of experience. Certs:OSCE, OSCP and CEH.