iboss Sponsors B-Sides Orlando


iboss continues to be a major sponsor of B-Sides Orlando. They continue their support as a Platinum sponsor helping B-Sides Orlando bring infosec talks, workshops, and labs to Central Florida.

iboss creates cloud based gateways to prevent data loss, stop malware, secure web transactions, and more. With offices in Orlando iboss is part of the local information security community.

To learn more about iboss read below or click on this link: https://www.iboss.com

About iboss

In 2003, iboss was founded by Paul and Peter Martini. With a background in designing circuit boards, FPGAs (high speed chips), and the foundational infrastructure that built the cloud, Paul and Peter bring deep industry expertise that allows iboss to innovate and understand networking at the most fundamental levels. Their goal was to leverage this expertise to build a world-class technology company that redefined the way cybersecurity was delivered and managed.

Driven by their vision and passion, they bootstrapped the company and focused on building out robust product capabilities. iboss amassed scores of patents and grew organically over the next decade.

Back then, iboss predicted the exponential increase in bandwidth that is evident today, based on the rapidly growing popularity of mobile devices and cloud applications. The team created a revolutionary approach to solving the problems these newly distributed technologies presented.

As its growth accelerated, iboss began a process of global expansion and technological transformation that culminated in the introduction of its Distributed Gateway PlatformTM in 2016, the world’s first web gateway as a service delivered via a unique node-based cloud architecture. Today, with more than 100 patents and patents pending, the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform protects over 4,000 organizations worldwide, making iboss one of the fastest growing cybersecurity companies in the world.