BHIS Sponsors B-Sides Orlando

Black Hills Information Security

Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) returns once again as a Platinum sponsor of B-Sides Orlando. However, that was not enough for them! They are also bringing their popular hands on labs from Wild West Hackin’ Fest to our Hands on Hall. You can read more about the Hands on Hall here:

Black Hills Information Security is a recognized leader in penetration testing and security services. They are also ardent supports of the information security community.

Read more about BHIS below and at:

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SANS Sponsors B-Sides Orlando


SANS returns as one of B-Sides Orlando’s oldest Platinum sponsors. Their support over the years cannot be understated. From swag bags, lanyards, sponsorship dollars, and so much more SANS has supported B-Sides Orlando from the beginning and continue their support today.

SANS is a recognized leader in hands on certification for specialized areas of information security.

You can learn more below or click on this link:

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FC2 Sponsors B-Sides Orlando


Florida Center for Cybersecurity

The Florida Center for Cybersecurity(FC2) at the University of South Florida returns as a sponsor of B-Sides Orlando. This year they are a Diamond sponsor and our t-shirt sponsor. The Florida Center for Cybersecurity (FC2) positions Florida as the national leader in cybersecurity through education; innovative, interdisciplinary research; and community engagement.

You can read more about (FC2) below and check them out at:

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ReliaQuest Sponsors B-Sides Orlando


We are proud to announce ReliaQuest has returned as a Diamond sponsor of B-Sides Orlando and our official afterparty sponsor! Their support in the information security community and continued support of B-Sides Orlando is phenominal. ReliaQuest is based in Tampa and offers co-management of security platforms, security engineering, threat management, and much more.

You can read more about ReliaQuest below or visit them at:

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B-Sides Orlando 2018

B-Sides Orlando 2018 is almost upon us. We are proud to announce Full Sail University will host B-Sides Orlando on April 7th, 2018.

This year our theme is steampunk. Look for elements of hackers in a time that never existed where steam power was the source of innovation instead of the transistor.
To that end this year we are focused on getting our attendees hands “dirty”. B-Sides Orlando 2018 will have workshops in ICS and SCADA, hands on demos with Software Defined Radios, hacker scavenger hunts, career building with resume review workshops, and a CTF 101 to help attendees learn how to compete in CTFs.
We look forward to you joining us for great talks, amazing demos, and fantastic workshops as B-Sides Orlando goes steampunk at Full Sail!

BSides Orlando 2018 – CFP Selection Process

BSides Orlando is excited to have completed its first blind CFP. To help increase transparency about our talk selection process and encourage feedback from the community we are publishing our process for selection, outlining board selected slots, and discussing areas we noted for future improvement. We hope this disclosure helps us continue our path of positive changes that make for a better BSides Orlando.

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Hak5 Sponsors B-Sides Orlando


We are proud to announce Hak5 as an official sponsor of B-Sides Orlando! Hak5 is one of the most recognizable leaders creating red teaming hardware for professionals and the security curious. From the WiFi Pineapple to the new Packet Squirrel, Hak5 creates great hardware for security engagements.

As part of their sponsorship they’ve provided us with some of their gear: A WiFi Pineapple Nano, Lan Turtle, Packet Squirrel, Bash Bunny, and two Rubber Ducks!

We have big plans for these items. The gear will be part of our Hands on Hall with hands on labs for B-Sides Orlando attendees. The Hak5 gear will also be part of our silent auction. Attendees can get exposed to Hak5 hardware and bid on the hardware used in the Hands on Hall!

Please check out, their many podcasts, and buy their gear at

ICS Packet Analysis Workshop

The course has two sections.  The first section explains control system functions to IT/IS people.  This includes PLC design and operation and why things are they way they are today in ICS network environments.  It also includes basic information on how to identify ABB, Honeywell, Emerson, Telvent, Siemens, Rockwell and BACNet network connections.  It also explains in great detail, the Modbus and DNP3 protocols and how to manually decode them.  The second section has three labs which take the student through decoding the Modbus protocol, detailed Wireshark analysis techniques and then running an automated NSM tool.

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