SecureSet Sponsors B-Sides Orlando


SecureSet is a first time Gold sponsor of B-Sides Orlando and we couldn’t be happier to have them on board. SecureSet offers immersive security focused job training for individuals looking to get into cybersecurity.

Lear more about them below and at this link:

About SecureSet

Every year, the number of vacant cybersecurity positions increases exponentially. With the ever-presence of advanced cyber threats, the fabric of our global network has never been in a more vulnerable position. SecureSet has been founded for the purpose of one mission: securing the future.

The Academy provides the most complete, immersive and compressed cybersecurity education programs in the country. Our program balance of theory and hands-on lab work prepares our students to jump right into the frontlines of the crisis at hand. Our graduates leave our walls passionate, prepared and ready to secure the future. The world needs more cybersecurity professionals. Will you join our mission?